Which is Better, Paddleboarding or Kayaking? – Part 2

The second part of the comparison between paddleboards and kayaks focuses on the pros of kayaking, but just before we enter into that world there is one more point that must be pointed out about paddleboarding and that is that it’s pretty easy to learn.

Paddleboard Stability

Paddleboards have one major design feature and that is they are very stable, the manufacturers behind this new fad have tried to attract a wide audience and they have succeeded. Most paddleboards are nothing more than floating platforms and are difficult to tip over, if you do happen to fall off, they are also really easy to get back on.

Why Kayaking Might be Better

Kayaking has been around for a considerable time, this shows its popularity and its versatility. It has stood challenges of new fads before and outlasted them valiantly. One big advantage a kayak does have over a paddleboard is that it has plenty of storage space. This may not seem awfully important but if you think about it, having extra storage space opens up a whole new ball park. It enables you to pack a tent and supplies and go touring, thus giving the range of the limitless possibilities. Also, the dry storage options will keep all your valuables dry and free from harm.

white water kayak paddler surfing on a wave in a river

Cold Weather

Paddleboarding is really a summer experience, but during the winter it can get chilly standing high up on the board, even with a wet suit. But sitting low down in a kayak, you will be warm and dry especially with a spray skirt attached around your waist and the cockpit.


If you are in need of going fast on the water, then there is no better self-propelled vessel than a kayak. The double-sided paddle is designed for speed as the blade does not have to be moved from side to side, whereas the paddle board does and is much slower. Another factor against speed on a paddleboard is the wind, standing up high against a strong wind you will find it difficult to propel the board forward. Sitting low down in the water in a kayak, the wind generally does not affect you at all.

Long Distance Comfort

Many people use kayaks for a touring holiday, they can transport both you and your essential supplies in relative comfort. Trying to go long distances standing up on a paddleboard is really a nonstarter, it is not what they are designed for. Hitting choppy weather in a kayak is not really a problem as they are designed to carve through unruly currents, that is why white-water kayaking is such a popular sport.


Paddleboarding is really a pure leisure activity, it is a perfect way for the whole family to get out and spend a couple of hours in the presence of nature. Although it can be used as a surf board in the sea, this is not its main function. A kayak, on the other hand, is a piece of serious sports and touring equipment. The sport of kayaking has appeared in the Olympic Games since 1936, and the option of taking a kayak into the wilds on a long touring expedition is also available. The choice is yours, select the craft that most suit your lifestyle and you are guaranteed to have fun either way.