Which is Better, Paddleboarding or Kayaking? – Part 1

Over the last decade or so paddleboarding has hit the limelight, and for many good reasons. It is a terrific water sport that old and young can enjoy. But is it much different to kayaking? The basics are fairly similar, but they definitely are two different animals.

Without doubt, paddleboarding is bringing a new breed of paddlers to the water, whether it is at the expense of its older and more esteemed big brother is yet to be determined. In this blog, we compare paddleboarding to kayaking, see the differences and try to come up with a definitive answer on which is best.

Paddleboarding Pros

Firstly, going paddleboarding is a great workout for the whole body, this is because during the activity you are standing up, you use the body’s core, arms and legs to give you power through the water, giving an all over workout. For those that have already tried paddleboarding, you will know that the first obstacle is just standing up, and this brings another great attribute to the sport, it gives you great balance. Paddleboarding is also good for reducing your stress levels as it is a leisurely exercise, normally partaken on calm waters.

Similar to kayaking, paddleboarding is a low impact sport, so it does not jolt the joints or pull at the muscles, that is why it is great for all ages. The paddler receives all the benefits from a good cardiovascular workout, without any negative elements. Perhaps, if your main form of exercise is a high impact sport, you may consider paddleboarding as a way to come back from injury.


A paddleboard will open a plethora of activities for you that kayaking simply cannot. Paddleboarders use their crafts to go fishing, or on long-distance touring, some people actually do yoga on paddleboards! Once mastered a paddleboard gives you great stability, so you have more options when you go out on the waves. Standing up on a paddleboard gives you a completely different perspective of your environment, it provides a great aerial view and you can see much further than sitting down in a kayak. A good paddleboarder will be able to move around the board and see from different angles.

Yoga & Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding and yoga might seem like strange bedfellows but you will be amazed to know it is now classed as a valid way to enjoy your yoga. It has become mega popular due to the tranquility out on the water, obviously you are not surfing on your board, rather tootling about on a peaceful lake or other surface and enjoy beautiful views.

The sound of water is often related to serenity and tranquility, that is why so many massage salons have it as a background sound to relax their patrons, so it fits in nicely with the art of yoga. Also, the gentle movement of the board on the water adds another dimension to a yoga session. In part two of our comparison between paddleboards and kayaks we look at the positives of kayaking and why they might have the edge on paddleboarding as a pastime.