The Different Paddleboard Shapes

Deciding to buy your first paddleboard you may be confused by the vast array of shapes and sizes of SUP boards that are on the market. Once you have decided what you want to use the board for and where you will be mostly using it, you can go out shopping for your first gear.

In this blog we will point out the different types of boards that are available and what they are used for. That way when you go to the surf shop you will not be too confused what all the different types are offered. There are five basic shapes that SUP boards come in to suit the different activities they are used for. These are: All-round, Racing, Surf, Touring and Yoga. In this blog we will take a more detailed view of all five.


The name rather sums up what this type of board is all about, they are good for all SUP applications that include cruising, flat water, surfing, fitness, touring and even SUP Yoga. It is advisable that you at least learn SUP on an all-round board, and it is great for a family as different members can use it for different applications. An all-round board is wide and flat, it is slightly longer than other boards so it displaces a greater volume of water and is more stable. The buoyancy is excellent which provides a great utility for this type of board.


A touring SUP board was originally designed as a race board, but has been adapted so that it is more suitable to carving through flat water and is capable of navigating through fairly choppy swells. A touring SUP board is long with a pointy nose so it can travel easily over long distances. However, the extra length makes these boards difficult to transport and also to store which is why many people are put off by them.


Not many people go SUP surfing, in fact it is the least participated of all the SUP sectors as it is the most difficult. Similar to actual surfing there is a great number of skills needed to go SUP surfing. The surf SUP board looks like a bigger surfboard, they are more narrow and shorter than other SUP boards which makes them great on waves but almost useless on flat water as they do not have enough stability.


Racing SUP boards are for the elite, and they are designed with a really long body to give better glide ability and efficiency. Basically, the design gives a longer glide distance for each stroke with the paddle. These boards have a pointy nose which is great for cutting through the water and giving speed especially when the water is a little unsettled.


Believe it or not, SUP Yoga is a serious pastime and is being taken up in great numbers all over the United State. Obviously, the slow movement of the water and the feeling of drifting effortlessly is ideal for Yoga. But to achieve this the board is little more than a big float, which is round, fat and long so little use for anything but for what it is designed for. If you are looking for your first SUP board, then the wisest move would be to opt for the all-round board.