The Best Places to Paddleboard – Part 2

Part two of the best places to paddleboard takes us as far as Antarctica, down to Fort Lauderdale in Florida and exploring Asheville and the Appalachian Mountains. There is something about the graceful movement of a paddleboard and the height you are off the water that gives you a different perspective of the scenery around you as you go past. You have more time and elevation to take in the great sights that many kayakers and canoeists probably miss as they are so low down in the water. Added to this the more leisurely pace that most paddleboarders travel at, it all adds up to a real sightseeing experience. In this blog we look at even more great places to take your board and go paddling.


Perhaps this is news to you, but Antarctica is an option when it comes to paddleboarding. And what an option it is as the crystal-clear waters are perfect for the sport. It is a case that the extreme cold keeps many people from trying their favorite pastime in such a terrain, but wear plenty of warm layers, gloves and boots and you are good to go.

The first thing that Antarctica does is to impress a vast isolation and stillness, the silence is something else that is a little unnerving. But once you settle down to your new environment it is absolutely awesome. There is no place on earth quite like it and the wildlife is amazing; seals, penguins, whales and even dolphins are common sights as well as the incredible landscape of glaciers, icebergs and snowcapped hills.

Fort Lauderdale – USA

Fort Lauderdale down in Florida loves the water sports and encourages its citizens to get outdoors and enjoy getting wet. For example, there is a twenty-acre waterfront park in downtown Fort Lauderdale where many paddleboarders can be seen on the water that leads on to the Intracoastal. Paddleboarders can see how the other half live as they can paddle past Millionaire’s Row to get great views of the swanky mansions and rolling manicured lawns. One great option is a nighttime tour on a paddleboard, as the waterways are quieter and less crowded.

Asheville – USA

Asheville is a place you should head for if you are a more advanced and adventurous paddleboarder. The water is fast moving and the course is difficult as you have to maneuver around rocks and other obstacles. Most paddleboarders go to Asheville to take a stand-up tour of the marvelous Appalachians.

In fact, you can actually take a sunrise tour up in the mountains which is the only place on the entire East Coast that allows this. And in Fall time, many paddleboarders take advantage to paddle on the French Broad River and see the wonderful leaves on the abundant trees dramatically change color to signify the coming of winter. In part three of our blog we take our paddleboarders to the enchanting Lake Tahoe, discover Alaska and take some much-needed R&R in the Galapagos Islands.