The Best Places to Paddleboard – Part 1

The relatively new sport of paddeboarding is getting more and more popular, once just the domain of North America, the sport has taken the world be storm. There is nothing quite like skimming across the water while standing up on a board. And especially if you happen to be in a picturesque location surrounded by stunning scenery and epic landscapes. It is something that can never be repeated, subtle changes in the weather and water conditions makes every time you hit the water totally different and a unique experience. In this blog we look at the very best locations to paddleboard in around the world.

Huvadhoo Atoll – Maldives

The Huvadhoo Atoll is home to one of the greatest lagoons known to man. At is widest point it is 40 miles across and has a depth of nearly three hundred feet. For many years it has been a great place to scuba dive, but today an increasingly growing number of paddleboarders take to the placid waters afforded by the atoll. Take a snorkel out with you on your board as on clear days it is possible to see over thirty feet down in the crystal blue waters. You may be lucky to see parrot fish nibbling on the coral as well as spying numerous surgeon fishes, turtles and dolphins.

Merritt Island – USA

Merritt Island in Florida is a stupendous location for any water sports, the reason for this is the bio-luminescent quality of the water that surprises many visitors who take to the Banana River after dark. There is a plethora of single-celled micro organisms that glow in the dark when they are agitated. Paddling slowly on the surface of the gentle water creates an awesome glow-in-the dark experience. Not only do you get a superb psychedelic aqua light show, expect to also see all sorts of fish, pelicans and manatees. On the banks of the river you can also see large palatial mansions standing proudly as you gently glide past.

Lake Powell – USA

The surreal blue of the water of Lake Powell in Arizona dramatically contrasts with the red-rock canyons that surround the lake. Lake Powell is the perfect spot for kayaking, boating, fishing, and, of course, paddleboarding. The beauty of Lake Powell is that it is so large it never seems crowded.

No matter how many adventure seekers are out on the water having fun, there is always room to find a secluded spot. The lake is manmade but it has more shoreline than the entire West Coast! It has been the location for films, documentaries and such like because of its beauty. Many paddleboarders decide to take a picnic with them and eat lunch on the beach whilst they are not busy paddling.

In part two of the best places in the world to go paddleboarding we go all the way to Antarctica, visit Fort Lauderdale and paddle our way into the Appalachian Mountains. The rise in popularity of this gentle pastime has taken the world by storm, it provides a good workout whilst offering the perfect viewing position standing on the board, it is hardly surprising that it is being taken up all over the planet.